The Secret of the Golden Flower: A Manual for Taoist Inner Alchemy

A Chinese Taoist book about meditation, this book was first translated by Richard Wilhelm (also translator, in the 1920s, of the Chinese philosophical classic the I Ching). Wilhelm, was German, and his translations from Chinese to German were later translated to English by Cary F. Baynes. According to Wilhelm, LuDongbin was the main originator of the material presented in the book suggests that the material is from Quanzhen School founder Wang Chongyang, a student of Lu Dongbin). More recently (2013), the same work has been translated by Pei Yeing and published by Ancient Wisdom Publications. Since the original (now, public domain) work is a Chinese translation from German, it is strongly suggested that this work should be considered as an alternative resource for any serious practitioner. The translator of this work is a lifetime practitioner of meditation is currently living in Shanghai, China but a Malaysian Chinese by birth.

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